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Spring is around the corner for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere and what better way to get in the spirit than by re-growing fruits and vegetables in your kitchen which can be transferred outside at a later stage.

Watch the video below to learn more about re-growing everything in your kitchen this Spring. Happy Blooming!

Fun Facts:

1) One of the fastest growing fruit trees is the Peach tree. The tree can grow to a height of 15 feet within a year and will be able to provide some delicious peaches too.

2) Snap peas are a quick-growing early crop. It's fun for kids to eat these sweet pods right off the vine. They germinate in 10 days are ready to eat in less than 2 months.

3) Radishes are super fast growers. They are harvestable in less than a month!

4) Marigold are hardy little flowers that can take rough handling and still keep going.

5) If you are keen on growing fruit in containers, then try blueberries. Scented flowers in spring, fiery-coloured autumn foliage and nutritious crops of fresh blueberries in late summer – what more could you ask from a plant?

6) Often described as a ‘superfood’, Goji berries are rich in nutrients, with a sweet liquorice flavour. Despite their exotic name, these hardy shrubs are surprisingly tough and grow in almost any sunny position.

7) Spinach; you directly sow the seeds into a good quality dirt, then you’ll just need to water and wait. Before you know it, in about 4-6 weeks, you’ll have fresh spinach.

8) Also called scallions, green onions are quick-growing plants that can be cut back to their base again and again throughout the season. Once their green shoots reach a height of 6 inches, they are ready for the first round of harvesting.

9) A “cut-and-come-again” plant, kale’s young and tender leaves can be culled continually throughout the growing season once the plant is about 2 inches tall. Avoid picking the central bud, since this keeps kale growing and productive.

10) A true bumper crop, a single zucchini plant will produce between 6 to 10 pounds of fruit each season. Once zucchini begins to flower, fruits will be ready to harvest in about 4 to 8 days

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