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The beautiful Western Lowland Gorilla, Bobo, recently made a new friend who is way smaller than him. 

Since 1996, Bobo has been under the care of the non-profit organisation, Ape Action Africa. They are dedicated to the conservation of endangered gorillas, monkeys and chimpanzees.

Currently, the caregivers check all 300 of the residents and, sometimes, are left surprised by what they find.

Bobo is considered the dominant male in his group of three females and three other males. Occasionally, two younger males have tried to take over as dominant male. However, they have failed against Bobo. 

Recently caregivers were surprised to find the 400-pound Gorilla hanging out with the tiny creature.

"On his morning checks, our gorilla caregiver discovered Bobo cradling a young, wild bush baby. The bush baby showed no fear of Bobo, moving around his body and spending time hopping around in an open grassy area, before choosing to return to Bobo."

You can imagine how unusual it is for Bobo to hang out with a tiny bushbaby. Especially considering he is the dominant male of his group who has fought off attempts to take his top spot. 

It turns out that this giant has a gentle side to him too.

"Bush babies are usually nocturnal, so it is very rare to see one during the day. We have never witnessed a wild primate interacting with a rescued one at Mefou Sanctuary."

"The bush baby showed no fear of Bobo – moving around his body and spending time hopping around in an open grassy area, before choosing to return to Bobo."

Besides Bobo, the rest of the gang were also curious to see what was happening. They wanted to see what this tiny creature was.

"Bobo's group-mates were curious about the bush baby and hoped that he might share it with them, but Bobo kept the bush baby to himself."

The giant gorilla spent two hours with the tiny bush baby before returning his new little friend to some trees where it disappeared.

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