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A South American sea lion decided to take a detour on his route after he noticed a fish market onshore. The giant sea lion waddled in to check it out. And as all fish lovers would react, this giant wonderer  was surprised and immediately super excited by seeing all the different and huge amount of fish gathered up in one place. This must be a sea lion’s dream come true. 

The sea lion waddled over to see if anyone would be kind enough to share a piece. After approaching one of the men working with the fish, he patiently sat and waited for the man to offer him a snack. 

After tasting the first piece the sea lion was filled with joy and hoped that it would continue. To try and get another piece from the kind man, the sea lion followed his every move until he finally offered him more fish. Seeing that everyone around him is still working hard, the man tried to fall in line and continue to be productive as possible while having a huge sea lion following him and begging for snacks. 

After a while, a small crowd started to gather. Everyone was amused with the clever sea lion’s idea. The sea lion definitely figured out the perfect place to go for lunch. 

The group shared the adorable experience on Facebook. There’s no doubt that the clever sea lion kept on begging and snacking even after the video ended. And it might be possible that the fish market made a new regular customer.

Click the link to heck out the full adorable video on Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=359481534700218

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