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What is it like to live in a jungle? We find out on a hunting trip with the Jahai tribe in Malaysia.

If you live in the urban jungle, the closest you'll get to hunting is when you spot something on sale and track it down. For the Jahai tribe living in the jungle of Malaysia, hunting is essential for life.

We join a chap named Hayden Turner as he spends ten days on the hunt with the tribe. For the Jahai, hunting is a daily occurrence as they have eight families to feed. If they don't catch animals, they wouldn't be able to survive.

Their main source of protein includes monkeys, fish, birds and porcupines, which they hunt with poisonous-tipped blowdarts. These unbelievable hunters make their own blowpipes, and they shoot the darts at an incredible 180kph.

Not only is it dangerous to hunt a 30-kilogram porcupine, but the Jahai share the jungle with tigers too, their fiercest rival. This is also the reason why they can't keep domestic animals like cows and sheep.

Elephants are also a problem, and they kill around 500 people each year. They also prevent the tribe from planting fruits and vegetables, so their diet is limited.

It's a terrific lesson in what we take for granted in our everyday lives. To find out more about the Jahai, then check out the video below on hunting with the Jahai jungle tribe in Malaysia.

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