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Language can sometimes be a tongue twister and can sometimes be mind boggling especially when it comes to words that sounds exactly the same but has a different meaning to it.

However illustrator Bruce Worden is back with regular updates on his popular website Homophones, Weakly, where he explains the different meaning of words in a creative way. Worden has been creating illustrations of homophones since 2011. For those who don’t know, homophones are two or more words having the same pronunciation, but different spelling and meaning, and according to some dictionaries, they should also have different pronunciations. 

Worden has been quite productive this year to get his illustrations back and running again after his illustrations gradually decreased after 2016, and started revealing his homograph illustration in March. “I’ve been keeping a list of them as long as I've had my list of homophones, and I think it's finally time to draw some of them!”

The renewed activity on the website comes a year after Worden's book was published by Chronicle Books named Homophones Visualized which features 100 pairs or groups of words and is perfect for language-lovers, grammar enthusiasts, kids, and anyone learning English as a second language.

Some of his recent fun illustrations features words that are spelled the same but has two different meanings such as dove, bow, sewer and bass, and words that sound the same but are spelled different such as moor and more, lessen and lesson.

Take a look at the creative illustrations down below to see the differences and meanings of some words. 

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