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Pang Way is a macro photographer who documents the subtle, dance-like motions of various mantis species. He portrays the insects up close, showing them balancing on their long legs with their wings spread out like fans. From their exquisite colouring to the delicate webbing covering their wings, we can appreciate every one of their amazing features. It gives one a fresh perspective on these graceful, global inhabitants.

Even though mantises are found worldwide, Way is based in Malaysia and specialises in the local species. He tells My Modern Met, "We can easily find lots of special subjects in the forest because Malaysia is a rainforest country." The majority of his images are taken in natural settings, but occasionally he will use studio lighting to achieve a unique effect for his larger subjects.

One of his main objectives with his photography is to educate people, and whether he is shooting in a studio or on location, the results are equally enlightening for him and the audience. My goal is to photograph and record as many different kinds of bugs, spiders, and insects as I can to broaden my understanding of basic entomology, identification, and habitat study.

Take a look at the incredible photos captured of the exquisite dance.

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