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The North American solar eclipse on April 8 drew millions of viewers, and Kolari Vision assisted photographers in taking safe pictures of the total eclipse. Kolari hosted its first-ever Solar Eclipse Photography Contest to commemorate the momentous occasion. The winners and a number of deserving honourable mentions have now been revealed. 

Ryan Spangenberg emerged victorious with his inventive photo of an aircraft embracing the edge of the total eclipse. Second and third place went to Keith Double and Justin Castel, respectively, for two amazing moments of totality. Two particularly impressive composite photos by Joe Luther and Jonathan Sullivan that distinctly display every phase of the eclipse are recognised as honourable mentions.

Recognised for its infrared filters and camera conversions, Kolari utilised the photo competition to inform the public about the importance of capturing such an occasion. Photographers can take safe photos of the solar eclipse without damaging their camera gear thanks to its 15-stop and 20-stop ND filters.

ND filters function by limiting the amount of light that reaches the camera lens while maintaining the image's color and hue. They are therefore ideal for taking eclipse photos. It does not follow that these filters are safe for human eyes just because they protect cameras.

Kolari cautions, "Even when using an ND filter, do not look through the optical viewfinder on your DSLR camera when pointing it at the Sun. DO NOT look directly at the Sun through an ND filter." Your eyes will be harmed if you use these filters because they are not rated for them. On a mirrorless camera, however, using live view or the EVF is completely safe.

On October 2, 2024, there will be an annular eclipse if you're looking for another chance to see one. In North America, it will appear as a partial eclipse, but it will be completely visible in South America.

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