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Many people may not be familiar with limbo skating, but once you see it, you won't soon forget it. Because participants ride roller skates beneath a low obstacle, the activity is a display of athleticism and acrobatics. The term "limbo" comes from how the athlete essentially performs the splits while putting their body as close to the ground as possible in real life. It goes without saying that the sport is intense and calls for a great deal of core strength and flexibility. Interestingly, a 6-year-old girl recently set the record for the lowest limbo skate.

With her amazing feat, Gujarati native Takshvi Vaghani, the new Guinness World Record holder, created history. The lowest limbo skate record was set by the skater who managed to skate for a continuous distance of 25 meters, or roughly 82 feet, rather than by how low she actually got to the ground. She was only 16.5 centimetres (less than 6.5 inches) above the ground when she accomplished this. 

Vaghani has dedicated half of her life to her sport since she began practising it when she was 3 years old. She's being called a limbo skating prodigy, so it appears that her passion has paid off. Given how young her athletic career is, one can only speculate as to what more achievements the young skater will be able to add to her resume in the future. 

Reddit users have been praising and congratulating the tiny titan in the comments section of the video that she recently posted about her accomplishment. Puns were made by some, and the best one was, "It's a good achievement, but it was a very low bar." Others also point out that, in order to keep the record intact, she must stand up without using her hands when she finishes skating, which only serves to highlight the incredible feat of her athletics. 

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