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Many people rank the Apple Vision as one of the most significant technological innovations of the past few years. With this cutting-edge headset, users can launch apps as floating screens around them and see a clear, real-time representation of their surroundings. Numerous people have tried it in a variety of settings, including an operating room, the subway, and an aeroplane. Brazilian surgeon Dr. Bruno B. Gobbato recently demonstrated the device's potential beyond amusement and leisure by sharing his experience using it during surgery.

Dr. Gobbato is a traumatologist and orthopedist with expertise in elbow and shoulder surgery. The surgery was performed at the southern Brazilian city of Jaraguá Hospital. There, the expert used his Apple Vision Pro and the arthroscopy technique to perform surgery to repair an injury to the shoulder tendons. By introducing a camera into the joint, this arthroscopy technique dispenses with the need to completely cut open the shoulder to perform the procedure. After that, the camera was linked to Apple Vision Pro, which allowed the physician to monitor a feed of an enlarged image of the surgery on a big screen with exceptionally high definition.

In addition to this screen, he also had patient reports in the Notes app and a 3D model of a shoulder appear in his field of vision.

With the limited lighting in the operating room, Gobbato's primary concern was how the Apple Vision Pro camera would process the images in real time. Although Apple touts the Vision Pro's incredibly low see-through latency of 12 ms, they have issued a warning that using the device in low light may increase the chance of colliding with nearby objects. Additionally, the manufacturer recommends against using it in areas with sharp objects or in any other circumstance where safety is a concern.

Nonetheless, medical expert Dr. Gobbato has given the device high marks, particularly for its ease of use. Even though this is a remarkable event, the operating room has previously employed an Apple Vision Pro. A group at London's Cromwell Hospital utilised the headset in March to fix a patient's broken spine. They had important information close at hand and utilised it for similar purposes, such as overlaying virtual screens. It gets rid of human error. Lead scrub nurse Suvi Verho of London Independent Hospital told the Daily Mail, "It takes away the guesswork." "It increases your trust in surgery."

Gobbato was also able to record the procedure from his point of view thanks to the Vision Pro; viewers are advised to exercise caution as this is video footage of a surgery. 

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