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One of the most epic soundtracks ever is the one from Star Wars. The excitement of an already potent work has been increased over time by orchestras all over the world offering enthusiasts the opportunity to hear it performed live. Nevertheless, by utilizing an instrument that wasn't included in the original recordings, one musician has created an additional layer. Under the direction of Ukrainian conductor Kirill Karabits, organist Anna Lapwood performed with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (BSO) in two concerts at London's Royal Albert Hall: "The Throne Room" and "End Title." The outcome is fantastic.

The original score, which was recorded for the first time by the London Symphony Orchestra in 1977, did not include an organ part written by composer John Williams, who composed the scores for most of the Star Wars films. Lapwood had to compose her own song in order to join the 100 players required to perform these well-known tunes. The BSO's brass section performed better because of the sounds produced by this enormous instrument. Classic FM, which hosted the event, called Lapwood's performance an “extra jolt of jubilation to this starry-eyed performance.”

Through a mirror above the keyboard, Lapwood was able to see the fireworks that concluded the concert as well as the standing ovation she received. The musician, who is an Associate Artist at the Royal Albert Hall, has become well-known on TikTok by posting videos of her early-morning organ practice sessions and insightful commentary. She even taught Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi how to play the organ, according to Classic FM. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch also asked her to perform following a "Letters Live" performance.

The organist's performance demonstrates that there is still room for modern and exciting interpretations of the Star Wars score, despite the fact that it was composed more than 45 years ago. Watch Lapwood's performance with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra below, and to keep up with her music, follow her on TikTok. 

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