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Eminem is well-known for his renowned rap career, which was both ground-breaking and contentious. Notwithstanding compliments and critiques regarding the musician's approach, there is no denying his influence on rap music and American culture at large. Although the rapper has battled addiction in the past, as any longtime fan of his will know, he celebrated 16 years sober this year.

Marshall Mathers, a.k.a. Eminem, decided to post about his accomplishment on Instagram. He chose to leave the silver Alcoholics Anonymous chip in his hand alone and wrote nothing on the post. The chip, nestled under a tree's branches and engraved with the number 16 inside a triangle, is a simple memento of Mathers' achievement. Even though it's tiny, it says a lot. The musician's personal accomplishment was met with an overwhelming amount of love and support in the post's comments section from fans, family, and other supporters. Sweet 16 was aptly written by Mathers's longtime business partner and music manager, Paul Rosenberg. Very pleased with you.

Although Eminem's current clean lifestyle is commendable, it was not always this way. After struggling for years with addictions to Vicodin and Valium, he started his sobriety journey. It appears that his almost fatal overdose in 2007 is what motivated him to start his sobriety journey. Having discovered that running released the same endorphins he normally needed to fall asleep, he turned to exercise as a means of staying sober. People who have experienced addiction themselves or know someone who has understood how hard it is to maintain sobriety, which is why many have found great meaning in Mathers' success and his capacity to transform his life. 

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