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An 89-year-old man named Mitsuo Tanigami made it his goal to see Sayuri and Naoya, his children. Despite the fact that both are adults and live far away, he chose to ride his bicycle on the picturesque route. It's a remarkable accomplishment for the loving father to have cycled several hundred miles in nine days to cover half of the country from Kobe to Tokyo. Tanigami ran a photo studio for many years before acquiring an electric-assist bicycle. With just his bike, a paper map, and a spirit of adventure, the native of Kobe set out on one of the most endearing trips to see relatives. The fearless father would ask locals for directions whenever he got lost. 

As a result, he had the chance to interact with people while visiting various locations.

Tanigami set out eastward on Japan's National Route 2 on March 17. He arrived at Takatsuki City in Osaka for his first official stop after this stretch. Riding his bike past Mt. Fuji, through the mountainous region of Hakone, and taking in the scenery of Lake Biwa, his journey continued. Along the way, Tanigami stopped to rest in motels or inns in order to refuel.

The eighty-year-old took the less-travelled path without thinking twice, accepting the unpredictable nature of the natural world. Tanigami had to overcome a number of natural obstacles on his quest, including strong winds, torrential rain, and difficult terrain. He said he had trouble hearing and that he had fallen off his bike almost twenty times, according to Kobe NP News Japan. The senior adventurer talked about how the rain made it difficult for him to see through his glasses. Tanigami, who was not afraid of a challenge, got back on his bike and continued riding.

He arrived at his daughter Sayuri's residence in Fuso, Aichi Prefecture, on the third day. He stayed there for two days before moving on to Tokyo, where he arrived on March 25. Naoya, his 61-year-old son, welcomed him and conveyed his immense pride at this remarkable accomplishment. The courageous traveller says, "It was a tough experience, but I'm happy that I was able to make my son happy," as he reflects on the journey. He decided to return to Kobe by more easily accessible means, but he still intends to cycle there in the warmer months.

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