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It's imperative how more and more people around the world are changing the way the normally do things to try and help our planet against climate change. But, it is not always easy to know where to start and what you can do differently to save our planet. 

The changes that need to be made can sometimes be overwhelming, however there are simple and easy adjustments you can make that will help do your part for the environment. Graydon Lawson who runs the online purveyor ReduceWasteNow recently participated in the “Old Me vs. New Me” meme, where he outline various ways to live a more eco-friendly life.

Lawson is the creative mind behind the memes on ReduceWasteNow’s social media. In his current meme series he illustrates “Old Me” which is a wasteful habit and “New Me” which is the greener way you’re living now. The subjects covered various of ways you can recycle and help the planet, from from curbing food waste to reusing old clothes and making sustainable swaps for everyday items. 

Each image is short, yet super informative, and often eye-opening. The memes provides new ideas to recycle for items you might not yet thought about. Even if you consider yourself to be eco-conscious, you’ll likely learn a thing or two from the creative memes on ReduceWasteNow.

See some of the illuminating green living tips down below. 

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