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If you had Bill Gates' budget and technology, what kind of mansion would you build? Maybe something like this?

It took Microsoft founder and former CEO, Bill Gates, seven years and $63 million to complete his mansion. It's rumoured to be worth around $154,000,000 nowadays.

It's located in the state of Washington, and took 300 construction workers and 100 electricians to construct it.

Family and entertainment are at the centre of this mansion. There are seven bedrooms and a whopping 24 bathrooms. So, obviously, there's no need to snoop around the house for a sneak peek of the bedrooms and the rest of the house while you're searching for a bathroom…

Speaking of the rest of the house, there are six kitchens, and a movie theatre equipped with the latest commercial theatre-worthy sound and seats. The massive pool offers stunning views of the leafy suburban area outside. The pool is equipped with everything you could ever need to entertain guests.

Before you ask, yes there is a gym. It looks like the premium version of your local gym and it comes with a sauna, steam room, men's and women's locker rooms and even a trampoline room.

Of course, there's also a library, a dining hall that can seat 150 guests, an underground garage with enough space for 10 cars, and a state-of-the-art server room.

So, if everything you could ever need is on your property already, where do you go when you want to get out of the house? Apparently, Gates owns a Caribbean island, so we're guessing that where he goes to escape.

Jealous much? Absolutely!

Watch The Richest video below to see more of what Bill Gates' mega mansion looks like.

Image credit: Gates Notes

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