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Just outside of Birmingham, England, is a small village called Bourneville. For 140 years, Britain’s most popular chocolate manufacturer, Cadbury, has called this place home.

The recipe for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate has never been changed.

Cacao, sugar and milk are mixed together to form a chocolate river that’s transported from the aptly named building, The Chocolate Block, in stainless steel pipes.

Once the liquid is solidified, about 400 bars per minute are produced and transported to a factory where all the different types of Cadbury chocolate are stored – up to seven floors high!

Crème Eggs remain a favourite all year long and, judging by the amount of them produced daily, Britain isn’t planning to stop their love for the caramel filled chocolate egg just yet. The factory produces 1,000,000 Crème eggs every single day.

The vast majority of chocolate bars produced by Cadbury contains more than 50% sugar. Recently, the UK government has called on chocolate manufacturers to include less sugar in their chocolates.

It has taken two years for the resident Cadbury chocolate scientist to replace a lot of the sugar with fibre. But, did he manage to do it? Oh yes, the 30% less sugar chocolate bar was a massive hit in Britain in 2020.

Now, until the 30% less sugar bar makes it way to South Africa, we’re definitely going to splurge on the current stock that we have. You know, just in case…

Watch the Spark video below to see how chocolate is made in the world famous Cadbury factory in Bourneville, England and how they managed to make a chocolate bar with 30% less sugar that tastes just like the real deal.

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