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Life is about learning something new every day. There are so many things in the world people still wonder about. Yet, many of us don’t know the answers to these questions.

We ask about the existence of an animal, the science of toothpaste, or why a wombat’s faeces are the shape of a cube. Some way or another, we need answers to our questions.

Here are several facts that demonstrate that learning new things about the world can be incredibly fascinating.

Did you know that if you break sugar cube apart in the darkness, you will be able to see a flash of light called triboluminescence?

2) Have you ever wondered how the inventors of toothpaste were able to create wonderous lines of colours when you squeeze it out on your toothbrush? Well, this is what the inside of a tube of toothpaste looks like, which creates that intriguing formation.

3) Have you ever wondered what food category an avocado belongs? Avocado is considered to be a berry, so, in that case, it is a fruit.

4) The famous “Hollywood” sign was originally an advertisement for a new neighbourhood.

5) An island in the Indian Ocean is inhabited by a tribe called the Sentinelese, and they don’t know how to make fire.

6) A wombat faeces are really the shape of a cube. Apparently, this is caused by a combination. The poop dries in the colon, and muscular contractions shape it as the marsupial ejects the excrement.

7) Have you ever wondered why the shape of the McFlurry spoon is so weird with a hollow inside? The reason is that it’s used to mix the ingredients of the dessert to make it even tastier.

8) Some sharks have a lifespan longer than many tree species.

9) There is a plant that actually contains nicotine – then Eggplant. However, to feel the effect, you’d need to eat almost 20 pounds of it.

 Weird fact: Horses and rodents don't vomit.

Another fun fact is that ocean fish drink a lot of water. However, freshwater fish don't drink water at all.

11) Have you ever dreamed of taking a bite out of a gold bar? Well, that might just be possible as gold can be edible.

12) The most popular word in the entire world is "Okay".

13) The spray from a whale's blowhole is made of carbon dioxide, not water.

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