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The Dude Perfect guys have had some, well, intriguing punishments for losing one of their games, but is this the worst one yet?

It is time, once again, to join the Dude Perfect crew for an episode of Overtime. In this show, they play Get Crafty, where they have to create a painting masterpiece using buckets and string.

There's Wheel Unfortunate too, where one unlucky contestant has to do a challenge from a Wheel Of Fortune spin, and could this one be the worst punishment so far? It's unpleasant, that's for sure!

They also do another Top Ten, this time it's about breakfast cereals. As always, it ends up being hilarious and controversial, and really messy.

But, they also have a brand new segment, and it involves Crash Bandicoot. It's called Name This Win That, and it's different from the other challenges. This time, instead of the Dude's partaking in the challenge, they get friends and family on the phone to answer a question to win a prize. The big prize is a whopping $10,000, so best you check it out.

So, prepare yourself to be amused as the team of hooligans have some family-friendly fun in another episode of Overtime!

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