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For many coffee is an art on its own, the texture, the deep colour, the strong aroma. And as we all know Italians love of coffee. But while most people enjoys their coffee for the taste, there is one Italian artist Giulia Bernardelli, who mostly enjoys it for its creative potential. 

Bernardelli has a unique eye for talent. She turns spilled coffee into works of art that look like detailed watercolour paintings.

For many of us a cup of coffee is how we start our day, but for Bernardelli it’s more than just a cup of energy but it is also inspiration. The artist’s Instagram bio reads, “My future starts when I wake up every morning. Every day I find something creative to do with my life.” 

Bernardelli’s journey to creating coffee art began one day when she accidentally spilled coffee over her canvas as she was working on. She suddenly saw the creative potential coffee can have on her art work. After spilling the coffee, she grabbed a spoon and guided the liquid around the white spaces. What a way not to waste spills coffee.

Bernardelli still continues to use a spoon for her art in lieu of a paint brush. And to achieve intricate details in her drawings she makes use of matchsticks. Bernardelli’s drawings are inspired by various of objects raging from architectural sketches to studies of the human face.

The artists definitely showed off her skills in drawing and her attention to details in some of hr recreations of famous drawings such as the Mona Lisa, The Creation of Adam, and The Birth of Venus, which se created by using spilled coffee as pigment.

Bernardelli didn’t just stop there. Since she made a name for herself as a respected “coffee artist,”she has spread her wings and has branched out into new, edible mediums. She also creates art from melted ice cream, fruit, vegetables, and much more.

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