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Get ready to laugh because it's Mad Lib Madness time with Joe and Kieth Santagato!

The boys are finally back with another side-splitting episode of Mad Lib Madness and, boy, will this video get your serotonin levels sky-rocketing! For those of you who don't know what this is, let me explain.

Brothers Joe and Kieth Santagato challenge each other to a game of Mad Libs, a series of best-selling books that have been purchased over one hundred million times. They also have Apps available, and you should get your hands on one because, whether it's a kids party or a drunken get-together, this game will have you in stitches.

The basics are pretty simple, one person receives a story with several words missing, like a noun or verb and so on. He then asks the group to give him random words that relate to the category required, and he fills in the gaps. Then, it's as simple as reading the story to everyone.

Joe and Kieth get creative with their words of choice, which makes it even more hilarious, and their challenge is for the listener to fill his mouth with water and try not to laugh. Needless to say, everything ends up soaked when sentences like "I hope you accept my sincere pube" do the rounds.

It's easy but hilarious, and you should watch this video immediately! Enjoy having a good laugh at Mad Lib Madness Pt13 with Joe and Kieth Santagato.

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