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Remember that weird viral challenge where people gave their dogs raw eggs to see if they could successfully carry them in their mouths without breaking them? It was super cute but we didn't really know the reason behind it until now. While it really is an impressive feat, the fails are even cuter. Of course, your pup will run away with the egg because he thinks you gave it to him but it doesn't make watching the owner chase around the dog trying to get the egg back any less funny.

Believe it or not, there is a bit of history behind the challenge. It started with Labrador Retrievers but, soon enough, everyone wanted to try it – some even made the cut but even Labradors failed the test. If you do decide to try the challenge on your pooch, make sure you wash the egg and keep a close eye so he doesn't choke but only if you are prepared to clean some slimy egg off the tiles in the kitchen!

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