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Not all of us are chefs, but Gordon Ramsay makes it look so easy. Here are some delicious recipes to get your 2021 cook on!

If you are useless at cooking, maybe it's time to take a few lessons from a master chef. Yes, it may be expensive to get Gordon Ramsay to give you one-on-one lessons in your woefully underwhelming kitchen... but YouTube can help!

Yup, thanks to the magic of the internet, there is a world of videos at your fingertips, including Gordon Ramsay's very own YouTube channel.

In this video, Ramsay and his family get together to show us a few simple ways to make delicious meals for both the family and for larger gatherings. Look, to be honest, it may not be that simple in practice, but you'll get the gist because they're not overly complicated.

First up is an English favourite: Shepherd's pie with cheese champ topping and a side of carrots and peas covered in mint butter, and for dessert, a steamed treacle and date pudding. Anything with 'champ' in the name must be a winner!

Next up is a pork butt, coated in garlic, smoked paprika, thyme and olive oil rub. Slow roasted in the oven for five hours atop a scaffolding of quartered onions to keep the meat moist, it looks sublime. Served with cheesy potatoes infused with girkins, it's a hit for any informal get together with friends who can pick at it over time.

These and other delicious recipes will have you salivating and, perhaps, even inspire you to have a crack at one of them yourself. Go on then, smash that play button below and be amazed!

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