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Whether they're real or not, these freaky videos will make your skin crawl.

Yes, nowadays it's easy to make unbelievable videos, and special effects are simple to apply, but the supernatural is always freaky. This video is a collection of creepy clips caught by the plethora of cameras that fill the world today.

Whether it be aliens hiding in a treeline or a dead grandma photobombing her grandson's selfie video, this unexplained phenomenon will have your hairs standing on end. There are also creepy videos from security guards in various places, like a cemetery and a school, where the paranormal reveal themselves.

Other footage shows what appears to be a member of the real Men In Black using mind control over a secretary, while a YouTuber from the Ukraine who posts videos of his parkour dog, finds a bizarre creature at the entrance to a disused mine.

Then, there's plenty of dashcam video of unexplained, ghostly figures along the road, not to mention security footage of a woman who disappears into thin air caught on multiple cameras.

The explanations for these videos vary from poor quality cameras picking up weird shadows to actual Big Foot sightings. Others insist they encountered unidentified creatures that killed livestock, while most clips have audiences divided between hoax and "Oh. My. God." 

We'll let you be the judge, so hit that play button below and be prepared for some freaky videos. Woohahahahaha!

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