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While a lot of people might not be fans of his singing, it is worth following James Blunt on social media, even if it just to see how he makes fun of himself. Yes, that British singer with the annoying and often nagging voice is hilarious and, dare we say, a decent bloke on Twitter.

Over the years, the British singer has faced attacks from all over the world regarding his singing, but it seems as if the guy just can’t seem to run out of comebacks.

Making fun of himself and his music is something the You’re Beautiful singer can’t get enough of. When one user asked him why he never responds to kind tweets about him, he simply replied that he can’t find any.

The guy is definitely not scared of a popularity match, even if it is against fellow Briton, Piers Morgan. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t take it seriously? Both Blunt and Morgan recently released biographies and the singer event went as far as comparing their battle to the famous battle between 90’s British rock bands Oasis and Blur.

If we had to judge a book by its cover, we’d much rather buy Blunt’s book than Morgan’s book. How can you even compare Morgan’s Wake Up to Blunt’s How To Be A Complete And Utter Blunt?

Blunt, who lives in a mansion in Ibiza thanks to his albums selling millions of copies worldwide, recently appeared on an Australian talk show where his humour and, excuse the punt, BLUNTness had the hosts in stitches.

Watch the TODAY video below.

Image credits: Twitter

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