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From driving cars for a living to owning a pub – 2020 might have turned out strange for James May, but it seems as if it might just be a good one after all.

The former Top Gear presenter has recently announced that he has bought a pub in the English county of Wiltshire.

With Christmas around the corner and winter in full swing, locals are bound to flock to The Royal Oak, if lockdown allows it.

DriveTribe was lucky enough to get a tour of the pub, and the guide was none other than the new owner himself.

At least we weren’t the only ones thinking it’s a strange time to invest in a pub with a worldwide pandemic, slow economy and social distancing forming part of our new normal, James admitted that it was a big step.

He also mentioned that the pub hasn’t been making money for a very long time. OK, now we’re worried.

On the outside it looks like any normal English pub, but on the inside, they’re going for a clean and contemporary feel.

Believe it or not, but James brought out a cookbook recently and, if the commentary in the tour video is anything to go by, some of the dishes might just feature on the pub’s menu.

With James May being James May, the pub is on the posh side of things and not your average drinking hole. His dry sense of humour ads a lot of charm to the place, so we’re hoping he will be a regular at his own pub.

If you’re lucky enough to go to The Royal Oak one day, make sure you go easy on the wine. After all, the owner himself warned you about the mark up.

Watch the DriveTime video down below.

Image credit: Planet Radio

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