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While shooting a movie in a pub, actress Emily Blunt was asked to pour a pint of Guinness. Although she thought she would be amazing at it and relished at the chance to show off her skills, it turns out she wasn’t great at it... not even good!

In fact, 'bad' would be a better word to describe the situation.

To make matters worse, her Irish co-star, Jamie Dornan, was watching. As were all the other people in the pub.

During a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show’s new year special, the two co-stars of Wild Mountain Thyme revealed how it all went down.

"At first the crowd watching was cheering, and as the pint just turned into a pint of foam it just kind of dwindled to nothing," the actress said.

While the moment itself wasn’t embarrassing enough, Jamie piped in to tell everyone that there’s an Instagram account called @shitlondonguinness where all the shite pints of Guinness in London is displayed for all to see.

Of course, he suggested that the pint should be featured on that account.

Watch the video below of how Jamie Dornan made fun of Emily Blunt’s appalling Guinness pint pouring attempt on The Graham Norton Show.

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