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Some people get annoyed with fallen leaves and have to rake them up to clean them. For others, it colours the streets and heralds the arrival of fresh weather. But few see the creative potential of autumn leaves like Hirotaka Hamasaki. For the past decade, this Japanese art teacher has been sweeping fallen leaves and flower petals from school grounds to create ephemeral images of popular characters like Pikachu, Kirby, and Winnie the Pooh.

Hamasaki started this land art project to find a simple way too in still a love of art in students. From the tawny exterior of the My Neighbour Totoro cat bus to Anpanman's bright red cheeks, the vibrant hues of the leaves blend beautifully with each character's signature colour palette. 

Hamasaki's work was first seen by  students, but now students are looking forward to it and even asking teachers. Teachers happily agree. The school janitors love not only  the look of each item, but  also  the appreciation of the teacher for helping to rake all the leaves. 

Arrangements of leaves and  petals aren't the only attempt to inspire  students. It also shows an amazing attention to detail, recreating famous works of art and  popular characters on large plates.

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