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What do you usually do with old or empty cardboard boxes? Do you pack them up and save them for a rainy moving day or throw them away like most of us?

There seems to be another way to recycle empty boxes, according to artist Monami Ohno. Ohno is formally trained in 3D animation but has made a name for herself as a sculptor. But, the Japanese artist does not specialise in clay, wood, or other conventional materials. To make her art, Ohno has opted to specialise in an unusual medium: cardboard.

To be more specific, Ohno uses discarded Amazon boxes to create her collection of jaw-dropping and detailed cardboard sculptures. She creates various cardboard art sculptures by using these recycled paper products. 

Due to high shop rental fees, she did not have access to the resources required to animate as much as she wished. Ohno had to find an alternative way to still work on her creativity. 

Searching for another artistic outlet to pursue, she then started experimenting with some old Amazon boxes she had been holding on to. "I tried making something out of [the boxes], and found out that cardboard is a surprisingly fun medium to work with. From there, I really started getting into creating with it!" 

Now, she spends most of her time pursuing – and perfecting – her cardboard craft.

Some of her most impressive sculptures are high-spirited creatures and monsters, including a miniature Godzilla. She has also created several realistic representations of food and drinks and even designed a pair of functioning shoes out of cardboard. 

Some of her other sculpture includes amazingly detailed and elaborate vehicles, like the time-travelling Delorian from the Back To The Future movies.

She has also paid tribute to Star Wars, recreating R2D2 and the Millenium Falcon (both below). Ohno has even created some impressive musical instruments. 

Each piece of art is composed of multiple parts intricately pieced together. This allows her to achieve beautiful textures, patterns, and features in her creations. 

The simplicity of Ohno's tools may come as a surprise given the level of detail apparent in each piece of upcycled art. She makes use of only a pair of scissors, a standard box cutter, ruler, glue, and masking tape to make her striking sculptures. 

So, the next time you find yourself with some extra time on your hands, say during another lockdown, then why not give cardboard art a go. What could possibly go wrong!

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