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When we eat out, we don't always  see the hard work and talent that goes into preparing each meal. So it's enlightening when people share videos of chefs at work. One such case is Takumi Murakami, the chef at Shibuya restaurant in Tokyo, home of  Kani Chahan no Mise. His ability to make omuris earned him the title "God of Fried Rice". 

A short video shows  the respected chef preparing and serving a crab rice dish in less than a minute. He begins by placing the rice in a large wok, turning the rice constantly while adding the  ingredients. Watching Murakami toss  food over and over with incredible precision is mesmerising, but it's even more fun when you see the finished dish come together.

Murakami transfers the rice to a bowl and rolls it into cups so it keeps a nice round shape, after about 50 seconds of frying on the stove. However, the meal isn't complete until he finishes with a helping of crab. Then it is ready to serve.

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