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For years, cake decorators have been feeding the internet  (mostly unintentionally) with hilarious creations. However, this may be the first time a confection has drawn laughter for its serious interpretation of a customer request. 

 For convenience, Costco encourages customers to submit their cake requests on paper, leaving little room for more specific customisation. So a man named Stephen Walker thought it  best to add some notes and a drawing on the back of the paper. His brief is: “No writing/no drafts.

Just request red icing around the perimeter for the top/bottom." To get his message across, he drew a rectangular  cake pan with a black pen and used his daughter's magic marker to mark the edges he wanted in red. "I thought, ' I have a guide here and a little illustration. You can't mess it up. Right?" the man said in an interview with Today. 

Walker showed up to pick up a cake for his daughter's third birthday a few days later. "I picked it up on Saturday morning and  was pressed for time," the man recalls. To his surprise, there was no red border that matched the top of the cake  he chose. Instead, an exact replica of the design he made on the back of the pan glowed brightly in the center of the cake. Artist Costco  managed to maintain the proportions of Walker's sketch, even including the black lines of the original drawing.

Embarrassed but in a hurry, he decided to dismiss it. He joked about it with the cashier, who offered to call someone from the bakery about it, but Walker declined. "We were in a hurry, so I was like, 'Well, I'll just scrape it off.'

The man then decided to make lemonade out of those lemons and shared his funny experience on Reddit. He posted a cake form along with a picture of the cake with the message, "Costco will give you exactly what you don't need." His post quickly went viral, garnering over 110,000 upvotes and some funny reviews. "The task failed," said one Reddit user. Meanwhile, another commenter appreciated the drawing's detail: "Lol, I'm impressed that they even conveyed a distorted perspective."

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