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Artists have been selected from all around the world to transform the desert landscape in preparation for the 2023 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This year's edition features  massive sculptural works by Kumkum Fernando, Vincent Leroy, Güvenç Özel and Maggie West, infusing the skyline with architectural forms, vibrant colours and dazzling details. From towering robot figures to giant plants, these eye-catching exhibits add colour and creativity to the festival.

While Coachella is generally regarded for its musical aspect, artwork performs a prime position in placing the surroundings and improving the enjoy of the festival. “In deciding on initiatives from across the world, our aim is to deliver collectively artists, architects, and architects whose practices invite participation, inclusion, and transformation,” says curatorial consultant Raffi Lehrer. “We attempt to create a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural application that displays our target target market and the various acting artists that grace the ranges of the festival. The ensuing works becomes icons—a part of the identification of this year's show. These installations act concurrently as way-locating markers, factors of congregation, and maximum importantly, on hand access factors for show-goers to enjoy artwork.”

Each year, the pageant has grown artistically, attracting proficient creatives to show their paintings in addition to severa fanatics to look the installations in person. “The arts software has advanced extensively due to the fact that inception and the participants, who come from round the arena and from Southern California are well-reputable of their fields, imparting high-quality and considerate works in a placing in which they are able to inspire, inform, and invite direct engagement with artwork and contemporary social and cultural issues and ideas,” provides Paul Clemente, the supervisor of the artwork software for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. “It is a completely unique thing of this Festival, and we simply undertaking to hold that spark into the network and adjoining college packages and our on-webweb page Coachella Arts Studios.”


Sri Lankan-born, Vietnam-based artist Kumkum Fernando drew inspiration for his installation from South Asian art and architecture. Titled The Messengers, it features three large-scale figures, ranging in height from 65 to 80 feet, covered in a variety of bright colours and prints. The collection of different patterns is inspired by Fernando's collection of different objects and objects that he has accumulated.

“Whenever I travel, I collect and document,” he says. “I have a library that I go through at different points in time. When I put them together, I often see unexpected things. I made a series of work completely out of window grills, another series from patterns from Persian rugs, and another from temple patterns. One day, I was arranging objects, and they appeared to form a figure. Then I thought I should make figures with these patterns.”


Los Angeles-based artist Maggie West brings spring to the desert with her Eden installation. Using photographs of various plants in two color schemes (pink and blue), West placed these floral images on 20 steel structures, each clad in wood and vinyl. The garden includes structures ranging in height from 6 to 46 feet, making it one of the  largest 3D photo installations in the world. 

"By photographing familiar objects with colourful lights, my work helps viewers get a closer look  at  the nature  they  take for granted," explains West, "like the texture of  snake plants and the stamen in the center of a lily pad."


Holoflux is a 60-foot-tall sculpture with the aid of using LA-primarily based totally artist Güvenç Özel. Abstract in form, this piece seems white with the aid of using day, and with the aid of using night, the sculpture comes alive thru diverse lights functions like projections, graphics, or even video that cowl its many sides.

“I don't forget myself a cyber bodily architect and a crucial technologist,” Özel says. “Cyber bodily, that means the paintings covers our on-line world and bodily environments and the interplay among the two. Critical technologist, that means attractive with new technological tools—their that means, their effect on our social interactions, their effect on our environmental and political considerations, and the way we are able to create extra significant and tasty reports to decorate the manner that we socialise and talk with every other.”


Paris-based artist Vincent Leroy brings  the festival to life with his installation Molecular Cloud. As the name suggests, this  multi-part pink composition is modelled on the shape of molecular clouds. These inflatable objects are not fixed to the ground but float in the air, reflecting their surroundings on their shiny surface. Given the fluid nature of this piece, it's not surprising that Leroy's art is grounded in movement that "inspires life, wonder, and an ever-changing point of view."

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