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31-year-old bald eagle named Murphy, has experienced some significant changes that led to the need to build a nest and tend to a rock as if it were a real egg.

People online were amused by his ritual, but the World Bird Sanctuary, where he resides, promised it was a natural instinct of his springtime hormones. However, the story took a happy turn when Murphy was introduced to an eagle chick and transferred his paternal instincts to the chick.

Murphy was first seen in late March trying to hatch his gem. "Very quietly and discreetly, one of our Murphy bald eagles (male) has built a very simple nest on the ground and is very carefully and vigilantly incubating his single 'egg,'" World Bird Sanctuary said in a statement.

Some commenters expressed concern about how Murphy would act if his stone didn't hatch, but the orphanage was quick to reassure people that his behaviour was normal. Murphy doesn't need a real egg to feel successful!! He is very happy with his stone and VERY protective of it!” they wrote.

"After his spring hormones have dried up, he gets bored and switches to other activities. Armer Stein."

However, due to Murphy's defensive behaviour which destroyed the large aviary he shares with other eagles, he and his stone had to be moved to a private aviary. Around the same time, a rescued eagle in need of  foster parents arrived at the shelter. Despite Murphy's age and lack of parenting experience, the staff decided to give it a test drive and slowly introduced him to the Eagle in short private sessions. Slowly but surely, Murphy began channeling his paternal instincts toward the chick.

“Bald Eagle 23-126 was released from children's prison yesterday for a full introduction to Murphy  and so far so good! The employee monitored initial interactions through a peephole to ensure the eagle was safe," the shelter said. "It took  an hour for Murphy to go to 23-126 and look around curiously."

From that point on, Murphy and the eagle's relationship continued to develop, with Murphy  even beginning to feed him food. We're happy to see that Murphy's dream of becoming a parent has finally come true.

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