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People around the world love watermelon, the watery sweet delicious fruit. However, it is not like any other fruit when it comes to size and weight. It's heavy and awkward to carry around.

Well, fear no more, as that problem has been solved by Japanese craftsman Yusuke Kadoi (for Tsuchiya Kaban). He has created a luxury, elegant leather bag to carry one watermelon. 

Yes, well, who would have thought there would ever be a bag specifically for a watermelon?

Yusuke has stretched his creativity far beyond anything else and created the elegant bag to hold just one round watermelon. This was part of a project titled The Fun of Carrying. The project was developed to encouraged in-house Tsuchiya Kaban designers to create their own playful items as side projects. 

That is when Yusuke, a fan of the summer fruit, decided to make his own handcrafted Watermelon Bag out of tough leather. This was his solution to carrying the enormous fruit, as they are uncomfortable to carry on their own.

Yusuke sewed together individual leather panels to achieve the bag's perfectly rounded shape. It even expands at the top to allow the carrier to place the watermelon inside the bag effortlessly and then clip together the snaps that secure the fruit in place.

Along with the sturdy main compartment, Yusuke added a handle with metal buckles. This allows the carrier to carry their watermelon with ease. The bag secure enough to carry the weight and is also super stylish, making it a perfect accessory when you go out for a picnic. 

Watch how Yusuke handcrafted the leather watermelon bag in the video below. 

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