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With its majestic form and a snow-white peak, this famous mountain, which is also the highest volcano in Japan, Mount Fuji, is considered a sacred symbol of the nation. 

The gorgeous mountain is instantly recognisable by its majestic beauty. It is the subject of many paintings, photos, and a whole range of souvenir items. Many admiring the marvellous mountain have been inspired to include the structure into their entrepreneurial venture. 

One of the latest products to celebrate the iconic peak is a special edition eraser made by Japanese manufacturer PLUS Stationery.

PLUS Stationery designed the Mount Fuji eraser as a way to destigmatise making mistakes. Now with each error, users are closer to revealing their own uniquely shaped mountain.

At first, the standard cuboid-shaped erasers might not look anything like Mount Fuji. However, the more the eraser is used, the more the peak shape evolves. 

The erasers contain porous ceramic powder, making them fun to use. The erasers are available in blue or red and, as more of the colour of the outer layer wears away, the inner white snow part starts to reveal itself. 

Users can angle the eraser while they’re rubbing out. This helps to sculpt the head into a point that resembles the iconic snowy summit.

The Mount Fuji eraser is available in six distinct casing designs based on traditional Japanese patterns. Some of the designs include an "ichimatsu" check motif and the shippō pattern of overlapping circles. 

Both colours, blue and red, resembles the beauty of the mountain. The blue version of the eraser depicts a classic image of Mount Fuji, and the red eraser celebrates the phenomenon that occurs during sunrise and sunset when the mountain appears bright red. 

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