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The annual Kei Truck Garden Contest which is hosted by the Japan Federation of Landscape Contractors is finally here again. 

 The quirky competition turns tiny trucks into moveable gardens for all to enjoy. During the annual event artist from all over the country are invited to pair their gardening hacks and skills with a need for speed to create masterpieces on the move.

the miniature Kei truck fittingly has roots in Japan's construction and agriculture industries for its practical size and movability. However, even though this trucks are usually used to transport materials to and from work sites, these trucks have some other potential when it comes to them being reimagined as the foundation for these enchanting pop-up gardens.

For years the eye-catching entries of the contest highlights the distinctive beauty and uniqueness of the Japanese gardens. Most participants usually stick to traditional design elements to pay tribute to the traditional style of Japanese gardens which includes pebble paths, sliding screen doors, and tranquil water fixtures. Other contestants showcases a more modern and minimalist look in their garden.

Despite using the back of a small truck, each exquisite creation only proves that any flat bed can be turned into a beautiful flower bed with a green thumb and a colorful imagination.

Scroll down to see some more beautiful miniature gardens from the contest.

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