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As they say a dog is a mans best friend. And what is cuter than an adorable baby forming a strong bond with her furry friend to create memories that'll last a lifetime. 

As the child grows, the furry component is by their side to protect them against harm but also to share in the new journey of exploring the world around them. The latest adorable duo that captured the internet’s heart is Mame, a one-year-old Japanese girl, and her giant poodle Riku. 

Even though Mame and Riku haven’t been together for long just yet, the two have already had a lot of fun together. The two’s favourite activities is dressing up in silly costumes, play house, and search for Waldo

When it comes to dressing up Riku is very gentle while Mame gets him all dressed up. Even though Riku could probably do without the bonnet around its head, he has a very easy-going personality which brings his little friend all the joy in the world. 

Just the sight of the two and how adorable they are, is sure to make you smile. Fans can’t help but notice how much larger Riku is comparing to his one year old friend.

Some might say that the dog looks like a wise elder statesman when standing next to Mame’s chipmunk-like cheeks and curious eyes.

Mame’s grandmother captures each moment of their sweet antics and shares the adorable images to their increasingly popular Instagram account. 

Scroll down to see more adorable photos of the cutest bond between the two. 

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