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When you're looking for a girl to be YOUR girl, most of the time you're looking for someone low-maintenance. 

A high-maintenance girl is just WAY too much work. She want's you to work less, but earn more. She wants you to work out, but eat fast food. She wants gifts, but only the kind she likes. She wants to go out with you but gets mad when another girl passes your eye line.

It's too much for you to handle.

So, you look for a low-maintenance girl. A girl who's committed to the relationship, but doesn't ask much more from you other than your love. A girl who makes your time together a relationship – not a job.

But can a girl be TOO low-maintenance?? I mean, can there ever really be a girl who literally doesn't care about ANYTHING?

And if there is, what's the point?

Watch this video to see what a girl is like when she's TOO low-maintenance!

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