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In every chapter you go through in life – childhood, adolescence, college days and adulthood – you will be exposed to different kinds of people and different kinds of experiences.

The girls you dated in high school and the girls you'll date in college will be completely different. So, in order to prepare you and show you what you have to look forward to in college, here is a list of the six kinds of girls you'll date:

1. The Athletic One: This is the girl you pretend you're fit for, and the same girl that will at all times make you feel inadequate because you can't keep up!

2. The One Who Likes To Party: College is all about partying and having fun – and this girl is all about that. She's the one that'll make you lie and say "I love places like this" when, in all honesty, the music is too loud and you kind of hate everyone there.

3. The One Who Goes to Church: This is the girl who grew up so religiously that she ends up having extreme repressed sexual charisma – maybe even too much for you to handle – but still makes you wake up early to attend church with her.

4. The Dumb Hot One: At first, you'll accept this girl for everything she is. I mean, look at her! But eventually, the "dumb" part will be all you can see...

5. The Friend: You feel so comfortable and happy around this girl – she feels like the one. But, in the end, she's your friend. And no one really wants to fuck their friend. 

6. The Perfect One: This girl has it all... but you panic so much about how perfect she is (and how lucky you are) that she ends up being someone else's perfect girl!

Watch the video to see the six girls you'll likely date in college... and exactly what they will be like!

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