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A 37-year-old Japanese man is hired to do nothing… and he’s quite popular.

Shoji doesn’t do admin, no heavy lifting, no cleaning, no nothing. He’s hired by people to just be there and do nothing.

He even makes it clear that when he’s asked a question, he only gives simple answers.

While it might seem weird and even a bit useless, this story has a feel-good element to it.

Cue all the feels because they’re about to come in big time!

One of Shoji’s clients had a friend who passed away and, for the first three months after his death, the client couldn’t visit his friend’s grave. So, he rented Shoji to go with him and listen as he talked about his friend. He got all of the feelings off his chest and Shoji was there as an outsider who wouldn’t judge him.

Of course, Shoji has to earn a living, even if it is for doing nothing. He charges about $95 (U.S.) plus travel costs every time he does ‘nothing’ for a client.

Suddenly ‘doing nothing’ seems like a very important job.

Watch the South China Morning Post video below and let us know if you’ve managed to figure out how to make your CV look good with ‘nothing’ on there.

Image credit: South China Morning Post

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