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As the centuries have passed, humanity has said goodbye to many loved ones. Now the world is running out of space to peacefully bury the dead – and people are looking for a respectful yet environmentally friendly solution to lay our loved ones to rest. 

In Hong Kong, they came up with a solution to build vertical cemeteries and to encouraging cremation. In the greater Seattle area of the US, a service to turn humans into compost is being offered. 

However, we can't help but notice one unique and beautiful way that is now a new alternative. In Japan, they are promoting Jumokusō, which means "tree burials", as an alternative to traditional gravesites.

This concept is still relatively new and was first proposed by Shounji Temple in northern Japan in 1999. It requires the deceased to be cremated and their ashes buried in the ground. Then, a tree is planted instead of a headstone. 

This option still provides families with the opportunity to perform the same religious rituals traditionally done at stone markers – respecting Japan's Buddhist culture. But, it's a new alternative that is way more eco-friendly.

Since the new concept was proposed, tree burials have risen in popularity. They are also more affordable and again eco friendly. Some might even point out the uniqueness of the concept of burying a loved one beneath a new tree, which resembles life.

As we all know, Japan has one of the lowest birth rates in the world. Many adults cannot afford to bury their deceased parents and grandparents in costly traditional funerary practices. They are now turning to tree burials.

With more and more people searching for thoughtful and environmentally friendly resting places for the dead, tree burials appear to strike the perfect balance.

What can be more beautiful to give life to a tree in the place where another life rests eternal.

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