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Will eating ten spicy wings on the show, First We Feast's Hot Ones, end Jessica Alba? That seems dramatic, but she does have the best reactions to the heat, and a few innovative solutions to beat the burn in this fun interview.

She is a Hollywood actress whose career includes everything from big-screen blockbusters to TV cult classics. But Jessica Alba is more than just a pretty actress.

Jessica is also the founder of The Honest Company, a consumer company that specialises in ethical consumerism via household products. In 2017, it was valued at almost $1-billion, which is not chump-change.

In this episode of First We Feast's Hot Ones, with host Sean Evans, she answers questions about a variety of things... While eating chicken wings doused in progressively hotter spicy sauces.

She tells us all about her visit to SpaceX while scoping out office layout ideas for The Honest Company. Jessica also takes us behind the curtain on the show Dark Angel, shooting Hpnotiq on the set of Honey, and possibly smoking weed with Snoop Dogg.

She also let's loose on her scenes in Beverly Hills 90210, claiming the producers told her not to make eye contact with the lead actors. A comment that has led to controversy in the mediac'est la vie!

This all sounds well and good, but as the spicy wings get hotter, Jessica's attempts to beat the burn get progressively more entertaining. From sour cream to a milk, honey and ice drink combination, peanut butter, lip gloss and an iced metal ball to reduce puffiness on your face, she tries them all.

It's both a thoughtful and hilarious interview, and Hot Ones delivers yet again. Jessica Alba is great and even has advice on embracing wabi-sabi to make the world a better place. Get out your hot sauce and enjoy the show!

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