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Kevin Spacey's latest film, Billionaire's Boys Club, Rakes in a Total of £98 on Opening Day.

Billionaire Boys Club with Kevin Spacey made a whopping £98 ($126) on its opening day and we can't help but wonder who the 13 people who went and saw the film were and WHY?

The crime drama was shown at 10 cinemas across the US on Friday the 17th of August 2018, where each location was estimated to make £9.90, which allegedly is not even the cost of 2 tickets. This poor showing for Billionaire Boys Club makes it the worst ever for a film starring the 59-year-old Spacey.

Keeping in mind that was the last film Spacey made before multiple allegations of sexual assault surfaced against him last fall. In the wake of the same scandal, the actor was fired from the Netflix series House of Cards as well as Ridley Scott's All the Money in the World where his scenes were cut and replaced by Christopher Plummer. The bad news didn't end there though, his international Emmy Founders award was also taken away and his publicist promptly dropped him too.

Why was Billionaire Boys Club still filmed and released after all the cases against Spacey? Well, apparently his behaviour was not publicly known at the time of filming and the distributor, Vertical Entertainment, made the decision to release Billionaire Boys Club as they did not think the "reprehensible allegations of one person's past" should be at the expense of the entire cast and crew.

Twitter is responding to this box office fail and we can only laugh.

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