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As our sports are back at it after the world wide pandemic and the Tokyo 2021 Olympics that took place between 23 July and 8 August, we can’t help but notice that this year has truly been unique experience for all athletes and supporters. 

For the first time in history athletes had to compete without any support from audience cheering in the stands. This time has also been a time where more people were inspired by many athletes who had the courage to speak out about their mental health during this dramatic year. With the endless pressure to perform for themselves and for their country while the whole world watching, it is no wonder that many have come close to their breaking point. 

Even with the fact that even after years of dedicated hard word and preparation for the Olympics, there are only three medals in each event up for grabs, leaving a lot of Olympic athletes without a prize and symbol of their achievement.

During this time it is hard to get demotivated as you are competing alone without the support and warm cheers from your fans on the stands. There was however one man in particular that took it into his own hands to motivate each and every athlete competing in the olympics. The supporting man wanted to remind those hardworking athletes that even if they didn’t get the gold, silver, or bronze, they’re still pretty remarkable. 

The anonymous cheerleader took his time to stand outside the Tokyo Olympic Village every morning of the event, some days evening as early as 7:15 a.m. where he will greet the Olympic athletes as their buses passed by. 

The day before the opening of the Olympics, the supporter held op welcome signs but later changed his signs to inspiring words of encouragement. “Good morning athletes!” “Even if you don’t get a medal, you’re still the best!! So believe in yourself!”

After noticing people’s obsession with medal counts, he got inspired to make the inspiring change where he wanted them to recognise that even without a medal it was still quite a feat to get there. 

His words truly made an impact as well as his dedication to stand outside for two hours every morning holding up his sign. 

Social media has soon began to spread the news of the good hearted local which has now gone viral. Appreciative Olympic athletes posted his picture and their reactions to his daily motivational greeting. 

Many people share the opinion that he was the real MVP of the Tokyo Summer Games, with one Twitter user remarking: “The world needs more of this. This kind of message, this kind of support, this kind of dedication, this kind of genuine kindness, this kind of human.”

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