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During the dreary monsoon season, residents witnessed a creative upgrade to Korea's streets. Recently, Pantone, in collaboration with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's designers and art directors, started their Project Monsoon venture. The creative team painted Seoul's sombre roads with hydrochromic paint, which changes from transparent to opaque when it gets wet. 

Now the streets turn into colourful murals on a rainy day, inspired by South Korean culture. The customs of East Asia focus on the river and its elegant flow. This is just what the designers and artists tried to capture in their Project Monsoon. 

These exuberant pieces resemble the good in bad as they unveil gorgeous colourful murals on a dark and stormy day.

 With this, passersby are given something to smile about as an underwater world filled with swimming fish and turtles unveils itself before their eyes as the rain comes pouring down.

Rain is predicted for up to three weeks during the monsoon season. Now, residents of Seoul have something to brighten up their day and monsoon season with cheerful murals along the wet road.

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