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One of the attorneys involved in a court proceeding held via Zoom before Judge Roy Ferguson in Texas, became an internet sensation after his video incident. The professional attorney accidentally joined the chat with a kitten filter enabled. The video of the incident quickly went viral and it was definitely not the last one. 

This wouldn’t be the last time an unexpected animal-like character would face the judge:

Judge Ferguson shared an interesting video of a piece from a recent court session. During the court session one of the lawyers had a similar problem. Only this time, he didn’t look like a cat, but we can say that he sounded a lot different than usual.

“You seem to be having some audio difficulties,” Judge Ferguson told the attorney. As the judge notes, he sounded like a chipmunk.

Judge Ferguson had to try and contain his laughter while the lawyer struggled to resolve the issue.  However after some advice from Ferguson, he was able to figure it out.

The classic "chipmunk voice" effect is achieved by speeding up the audio of someone talking. This gives the effect of a squeakier and higher pitched tone.

If you have ever wondered what a chipmunk really sounds like, watch this. 

Even though it's still unclear whether the lawyer had mistakenly enable the sound effect on his voice, or if there was a glitch with his connection, we can still say that it continues to be hilarious. 

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