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"I'm not a cat."

So far, that’s definitely our favourite line of the year. To be honest, 2021 is going to have to produce a brilliant contender to beat that.

A lawyer in Texas was in the waiting room of a Zoom meeting with a local judge, ready to start the virtual court hearing, when the lawyer suddenly turned into a cat.

The cat filter is a filter popular on Zoom with kids, definitely not lawyers during a serious court hearing.

Rod Ponton told the BBC that when he switched his camera on, he found out that he had been turned into a talking cat, thanks to Rod’s son having used the computer before him and leaving the cat filter on.

The judge realised what was going on and alerted Rod to the fact, with Rod replying that he’s aware of it and that his assistant is trying to fix it. Rod was adamant that he wanted to continue with the hearing and even confirmed it to the judge.

"I'm here live, I'm not a cat."

With the judge replying, "I can see that".

Luckily, Rod’s assistant managed to get rid of the filter and he was able to continue the virtual court hearing with his own face.

Watch the BBC video below for more on Rod’s Zoom cat filter CATastrophe.

Image credit: CNN

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