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It is quite literally the stuff dreams are made of – chocolate falling from the sky like snow!

That's exactly what happened in the Swiss town of Olten. The town is based in the middle of Zurich and Basel, and is home to the factory that manufactures the luxurious chocolate brand, Lindt.

One Friday in September of 2020, disaster of the delicious kind struck the world-famous Lindt and Sprüngli factory. You see, a cooling ventilation system had a minor defect in the roasted cocoa nibs line – this is important in the process of making chocolate, it's where the cocoa beans are crushed, and that is what eventually turns into chocolate.

Then, as if it seems too good to be true, a strong wind picked up the chocolate powder and left a dusting of cocoa over the factory’s surrounding area.

Lindt and Sprüngli has since released a statement regarding the incident and said that one car was lightly coated with the chocolate particles. The company has offered to pay for any cleaning, but the offer hasn't yet been taken up by the owner of the car, perhaps they're still on a chocolate high...

The Swiss-based chocolate manufacturer has confirmed that the chocolate particles are not harmful to human beings or the environment. The factory was able to continue as normal and the cooling ventilation system has (unfortunately) been repaired.

The Olten factory is one of 12 across the world owned by the Swiss chocolatier, that's been in the business of making chocolate for 175 years. Their brands include Lindt slabs, Lindor chocolate balls, and the famous golden Lindt bunnies.

Watch the Patryn video below to see the effects of the chocolate "snow".

Image credits: Daily Mail and Living Vegan

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