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Insults flew, Zoom display names were changed and even Britney Spears got a mention. No, it wasn’t a new show on MTV, it was a local English council meeting that went haywire.

Jackie Weaver was one of the council members involved in the meeting. While another member lost it and insisted on being called the council’s clerk, even going ahead and changing his display name on the meeting app, Zoom, Jackie managed to stay calm.

In a few minutes of total chaos, the clerk was kicked out of the meeting while other members started yelling and throwing accusations around. What did Jackie do?

Well, she managed to keep her composure and even added a little humour to the madness. While the ‘clerk’ insisted on being addressed as ‘clerk’, Wendy simply replied. ‘Please refer to me as Britney Spears.’

In a normal situation, this local council meeting wouldn’t have even raised an eyebrow, but during a pandemic with people worried and stressed about their jobs and the future, plus the meeting being recorded on Zoom, we got pure gold out of this.

We’ve just got one question, did Jackie actually have the authority?

Watch the BBC video below to see the hilarious local council meeting that went viral.

Image credit: The Sun 

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