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When meeting the adorable Bruno, it’s hard to think that there was once a place where he was unwelcome, before he found his new forever home. One particular day Lujan Videla and her boyfriend were walking near their home in Argentina and spotted a dog standing by himself on a street corner. The little pup appeared to be little Bruno.

Videla explained, “He was so alone and disoriented. I told my boyfriend to stay with him and to wait to see if his owner would appear.” After waiting with he sad pup they realised that no one ever came for him. After a while, Bruno began to walk and ended up at a door of apartment building. "We followed him, and noticed that he wanted to enter the building," Videla said. There, they were met by a sign posted on the door.

Videla and her boyfriend came to learn that little Bruno was indeed a resident there, and lived there with an older man who is believed to have passed away or was forced to move out suddenly, leaving poor little Bruno homeless.

Some residents started to take pity on poor Bruno and began feeding him out front. However little Bruno was so determined to enter the building and get back to his home, that management made the sign so no one would let him in. "It makes you realise how indifferent people can be. Bruno was so sad. He was desperate to enter.” 

Videla and her boyfriend decided to take little Bruno with them and spread the word about him, just in case his former owner, or the man's family, was trying to find him. However after some time no one reached out, and the couple realised just how heartbroken Bruno was. In the first few days, the reality of his loss seemed to sink in. However being surrounded by his rescuers' love and care, is soon got better. "The days went by and his face changed. He began to be happy.” 

However Videla and her boyfriend were unable to provide little Bruno a forever home seeing that they have several rescue dogs already at home.  But it wasn’t long until the couple found the perfect new forever home for the little boy. "He was adopted by a very trustworthy person who lives across the street from where I live. We go on walks together. He is very happy.” 

Something that seems to keep bothering Videla, is the fact that the apartment building's management didn't do more to help Bruno. "Some people don't realise that they are living beings that feel the same as us. Bruno's like a whole new dog."

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