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Some people think it's a great chance to compliment the bride and groom or even crack jokes during the wedding speech. However, it presented Dylan Hannum with the ideal opportunity to resolve a family mystery. He eventually revealed the truth to his best friend Mark, the groom, and his elder brother David after more than 20 years of keeping it a secret. The younger Hannum can be seen giving his wedding speech in a now-viral video. Like many before him, he starts by narrating a story about his childhood and the groom's childhood. The man remembers when he was about eight years old and Dave and Mark used to come over and play paintball at his house. 

“I love playing paintball myself,” he says while the groom looks somewhat uncomfortable, wondering where this tale might lead.

“So when Mark came over and wanted to play, I asked if I could join and they shot me down like any older brother would do to any little brother,” he continued. “But like any other little brother, I ran upstairs, I got my stuff anyway and I was gonna follow them, whether they liked it or not.” He wasn't going to let it slide that easily. “When I got my stuff and came downstairs, they were gone. So I picked a couple of Mark's paintballs and I threw them at the house next door.”

The groom and his friend, having deciphered the story, look up from their tables in shock. He exclaims, "Wait, wait, wait," to his lifelong friend's yell, "No way!" Resuming his story, the younger brother describes how the groom assured his parents and the neighbours that it couldn't have been either of them. The groom admits that he got into a lot of trouble for that back in the day, much to the surprise of both men. They had to clean it up since the neighbours at the time didn't think the kids were telling the truth. “I knew I was going to have to tell eventually but boy, I was really wanting to watch TV that day. So I bring this up 20 years later, as a wedding gift to him for closure, that I'm the one who threw those paintballs. So thank you for letting me watch TV that night."

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