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We all have done several thing for the ones we love whether it is rubbing your wife’s feet or bringing your loved one a snack they asked for. 

Nick Avallone is a 20-year-old student who loves bringing his mom snacks whenever she asks, but he soon developed an unusual-yet-hilarious nightly routine with his mom, Eleanor. 

While on summer break from college, and being back home the beloved son enjoys spoiling his mom until he returns back to college. While laying cozy in her bed dressed in her comfy robe, Eleanor will ask Nick for a small snack. However, despite doing a good deed for his beloved mother, by the time he’d bring it to her room, she will already be fast asleep. At least he gets to enjoy her popcorn, Goldfish crackers, and other tasty treats alone instead.

Nick found the whole thing both charming and silly and added that it was happening “consistently enough that I had to make a post”. Nick shared several hilarious photos of his mom sleeping while he held up her snack she asked for. Taking the lighthearted “mom-shaming” a step further, he made a sign stating, “I ask my son for snacks then I fall asleep.”

Eleanor laughingly said “I know, I know,” when Nick told her about her new hilarious routine. After Nick posted the photos to his Instagram, many related to the sleepy Eleanor and her desire to have a nightly snack. But now she has missed out on the free snacks and will now have to fetch her own, as Nick went back to college for the year.

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